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We at The Volunteer Circle believe it is time to take CHARGE.
By creating a platform for skill-sharing across all areas of Lebanon, we match enthusiastic volunteers, community services, experience seekers, and multi-talented individuals with the cause that needs them the most.

Our Vision

Our circle is a vision about altering the way we use our time and effort on the personal level, and improving capacity of organizations on the national level.

An initiative for the people by the people, we create a community that is readily accessible to support the hard work of NGOs, start-ups, local businesses, and artists.

Our Mission

The Volunteer Circle was founded in 2017 by two women, a social entrepreneur and third sector professional, who wanted to prove that volunteering can be accessible, meaningful, helpful at the national-scale, and an experience that contributes to personal growth.
Today, The Volunteer Circle changes the conventional way of searching for volunteer opportunities in the Middle East… We believe that each one of us can contribute in their own way and engage in the social development of the MENA region.
We connect people to fill the gaps between the many needs versus the many talents within our region.
When combined, our efforts become even more powerful and feed into a more sustainable planet and humane lifestyle where no one is left behind.

Our Values

for Challenge
Dare to make a difference.
for Integrity
Be real.
for Relationship
Committed in heart and mind.
for Choice
Mindfully contribute to the opportunity that suits you.
for Leadership
Get active and shape a more holistic volunteer scene.
for Empowerment
We empower you to find the right fit to effectively contribute to social impact.

Meet Our Founders



Nadine has worked with UN agencies, government ministries, local and international NGOs, and has experience in journalism. An advocate for change and an avid believer in the country’s hidden potential, she is also a writer and uses both her writing and personal efforts to shed light on the work of Lebanon’s third sector and the many dire needs of the country.



Malak is an AUB marketing graduate, aspiring entrepreneur, and avid traveler. From Tanzania to Egypt, Malak has plenty of volunteering experience prompted by her drive to understand different cultures. Malak has supported business start-ups and small organizations in achieving their goals, both behind the scenes and on ground. She hopes to bring about the satisfaction of volunteering to people in Lebanon through this initiative.


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