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Westwood Valley

Eco-village Construction in Zahle

Welcome to our vision of a Sustainable Lebanon. We are leading a team building an Eco-village in the beautiful Lebanon m...

Fondation Diane

Waste Management Project I Door to Door Survey

Given the civic and ecological turmoil Lebanon is facing, Fondation Diane stands in mobilizing the community to make its...


Marketing Coordinator I Mayrig's 20th Anniversary Project

Mayrig means “little mother” in Armenian. It is a tribute to all Armenian mothers. In Mayrig we guard over our ric...

AAA Autism Awareness Association

Educator for young persons with autism

AAA was founded in 2015 by advocate parents who volunteered to enhance the life of families with Autism in Lebanon towar...

Beit el Baraka

Cooking Opportunity I Kanz Kitchen

It all started in February 2019 when we, as Beit El Baraka, decided to open an elegant free supermarket based on the sys...


Social Media excutive

Creatingz is a creative hub! The CREATINGZ management is formed from a collective of young Lebanese entrepreneurs who...


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